Beautiful Weather for the Beach, Barbados Pocket Guide

Weather in Barbados

The weather in Barbados is such that it attracts people from all walks of life to gravitate to the island. This tranquil retreat of sun, sea and sand is filled with brilliant sunshine, crystal clear waters and miles worth of unscathed coral coloured beaches.

The weather in Barbados is predominantly warm with sunny days and cool nights. During the day, the island experiences constant wind that blows off the Atlantic which keeps the island cool amidst the heat of the day. Despite the fact that Barbados is in the tropics, there is still a tendency to experience nippy nights especially if you are staying in the countryside.


The Hurricane Season in Barbados

The dry season in Barbados starts in January and ends in June. The hurricane season gets started from the month of June to the month of November. Throughout this period, the island experiences most of its rainfall and the possibility of tropical rainstorms. Based on Barbados' geographical position, the island is, more often than not, spared the fury of tropical storms. Should there be a tropical storm on the island, the Department of Emergency Management on the island of Barbados is the government department responsible for the development and implementation of the Emergency Management Programme in Barbados. It has the responsibility for coordinating emergency management activities in Barbados.

With the technology of the Meteorological services in Barbados today, advanced warnings with respect to tropical rainstorms are usually given so as to allow enough time to get prepared. 

There are times that the island experiences heavy rainfall which causes flooding in some low-lying areas. The island of Barbados is quite penetrable due to its limestone content and this enables quick and easy drainage of any accumulated flood waters.


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