The Screw Dock, Bridgetown, Barbados Pocket Guide


The island of Barbados is made up of four (4) main towns. They are Bridgetown, Holetown, Oistins and Speightstown. These towns are scattered all over the island, thereby making them quite accessible no matter where you are staying or residing.

Bridgetown is the capital city of Barbados and is located in St. Michael in the central part of the island. This is where a vast amount of duty-free shopping takes place. This town is always abustle with commuters transacting one form of business or another. 

Holetown is located in St. James, on the western part of the island. The western side that is better known as the Platinum Coast. It is here that the first settlers arrived. A monument can be found on location which commemorates such history.

Oistins is located in Christ Church on the southern part of the island. This town is famous for its Friday night limes and Oistins Fish Festival. Oistins also augurs well for a shopping experience.

Speightstown is located in St. Peter to the north of the island. It still carries a relatively quaint appearance on arrival. Speightstown was once known for its many forts.

These aforementioned towns have in one way or another contributed to World Heritage. Each town is unique in its own little way as each one offers something different. The shopping, the food, the prices, the view and even the people all vary in one way or another. All towns in Barbados offer duty-free shopping. 

Barbados is an island that offers a lot to do. Feel free to explore any one of the mentioned towns and also decide which one you prefer to frequent.


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