Gordon's Lighthouse, Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, Barbados Pocket Guide

Lighthouses in Barbados

The island of Barbados has four (4) historic lighthouses that are very much endangered at this point in time. Due to neglect and the dire need for restoration, these lighthouses still stand tall and serve to remind us of our past history.

Used many years ago by sailors to help guide their ships safely at night, these now inactive and historic lighthouses are still very much a fundamental aspect of Barbados' landscape.

Active lighthouses in Barbados are operated by the Barbados Port, Inc.

Gordon's Lighthouse,  Christ Church

Located in Atlantic Shores in the southern part of Barbados, Gordon's Lighthouse was erected in 1852. Made entirely of cast iron, it is the last one of its kind in existence.

This lighthouse was first erected and exhibited in 1851 at the Great Hyde Park exhibition in London. It was then dismantled and shipped to Barbados in parts and went into service in 1852.

Needham's Lighthouse, St. Michael

Built in 1855, this lighthouse is the second oldest on the island of Barbados and seems to be a little different from the others. One distinctive feature that separates it from the others is its octagonal shape and its light that was stationary unlike the others that rotated. The port and starboard of Carlisle Bay were determined by the split red and green light on this lighthouse that alerted vessels as to which side they were approaching on.

Ragged Point Lighthouse, St. Philip

Located on the Eastern point of Barbados and built in 1875, this coral stone structured lighthouse sits on the edge of a cliff. This position offers a stunning view of part of the island's East Coast.

Maycocks Lighthouse, St. Lucy

Located on the North-west side of Barbados, Maycocks Lighthouse is the youngest of Barbados' lighthouses. Understandably so, it is in the best shape when compared to the other lighthouses as it was erected in 1925 which was almost a century later than the first one was built. It is built of coral stone and stands 145 feet above sea level.

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