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William Mayo spent three (3) years from 1717 up until 1721 surveying parish boundaries on the island of Barbados before he could produce the Mayo Map of 1722. Despite the production of the map, boundary marks were still quite vague and often a source of confusion.

The country of Barbados is currently subdivided into sub-regions known as parishes. These eleven parishes were roughly laid out in the 1640s but it wasn't until 1721 that precise boundary marks were established.

An Act of the Barbados Parliament stated that parishes throughout the island of Barbados are officially labelled as the "Parish of" followed by the name of the parish as opposed to the American labelled system that names the word "Parish" after the actual parish name.

Areas on the island of Barbados that were labelled as parishes, came about as a result of the island's religious Anglican history under the Church of England. The first six (6) parishes were decided upon in 1629 and these came about as a result of the six (6) earliest churches that existed at the time. There were, Christ Church, St. Michael, St. James, St. Peter, St. Lucy and St. Thomas inland which was replaced by St. Andrew in 1631.

During the 17th century, various Chapels of Ease were created across Barbados. Some local churches were elevated to parish church status, leading to the formation of new parishes surrounding those freshly created vestries. Hence between, 1640 and 1642 five (5) more parishes were created from the existing six (6). This resulted in St. George and St. John being separated from St. Michael, St. Thomas was separated from St. James, St. Joseph was separated from St. Andrew and St. Philip was separated from Christ Church.

Every parish on the island of Barbados has something unique to offer to both locals and visitors alike. Whether you are in search of our history, relaxation at one of our many beaches, fine cuisine at one of our many restaurants or even a beer at one of our many rum shops and bars, rest-assured that just about whatever you need can be found and enjoyed throughout these parishes in Barbados.

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