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Meet a Bajan

Sing out Barbados has a folk song "Everywhere uh go, people want tuh know, why uh happy so. Why? Barbados uh come from". (you can refer to our Bajan dialect section of the Barbados Pocket Guide for a breakdown on what the aforementioned sentence really means) In the interim, let us duly inform you that just about everywhere you go on planet earth, you are destined to meet a Bajan.

The people of Barbados are considered to be the greatest resources on the island to date. A people who strongly believe in the importance of a sound education and tapping into their God given gifts to the fullest of their abilities. This fusion augurs well in allowing there to be a plethora of talent on such a small island which in turn catapults the development of the island.

Throughout this Meet a Bajan section of our Pocket Guide, we will give you an opportunity to meet some Bajans who have made and continue to make a significant impact on our island. Through sports, music and the arts, Bajans have been able to lead the way in more ways than one

Honestly!!! Who wouldn't want to be a Bajan??


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