Earl Maynard

It's not always an easy and/or straighforward task trying to determine which profession best suits your heart's desire. We all find ourselves taking different paths before we are able to arrive at that final destination. On the other hand, some of us are just fortunate enough to be able to stumble across the one thing that we are most comfortable with and can possibly throw our all into.


Such was the case with Earl Maynard. The man who hails from Barbados but is well known as Mr. Universe and can easily be entitled bodybuilder, professional wrestler, actor, movie producer and film director.


Early Life

Born in Barbados, Earl grew up as a relatively sickly child but was able to convert his weakness into great strengths and capture the attention of the world while doing so.


He left his homeland Barbados and migrated to England when he was just eighteen (18) years old. Here he completed his education and earned himself a degree of M.S.F. in Physiotherapy in London.


Wrestling Career

He joined the British Air Force and while there was fortunate enough to meet a British wrestling promoter who was most impressed with what he saw in Earl and by 1960 he became a professional wrestler. However, it was Gus Karras who ultimately brought Earl to the United States of America where he continued with his wrestling career.


Earl's name has been listed in the WWE Top Wrestlers of All Time. He was NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) America's Tag Team Champion twice (with Rocky Johnson in 1970 as well as with his longtime partner Dory Dixon in 1972).


His bodybuilding achievements followed him throughout his professional wrestling career where he became affectionately known as "Mr. Universe". Such achievements are as followed:-

Winner of the 1964 Universe - Pro - NABBA bodybuilding competition - part of the Universe Championships
Winner of the 1965 Universe - IFBB - now the World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships
Winner of the 1978 Masters Mr. America - AAU contest
He also won both Mr. Europe 1959 and Mr. England 1960 early in his career.

Acting Career

Throughout the seventies (70s) and early eighties (80s), Earl made his appearances as an actor in the following films:-


1972 - Melinda


1974 - Black Belt Jones


1974 - Truck Turner


1975 - Mandingo


1976 - Swashbuckler


1977 - The Deep


1978 - Circle of Iron


1980 - The Nude Bomb


1982 - The Sword and the Sorcerer


List of Accomplishments

Mr Universe - NABBA, Tall, 1st

Universe - IFBB, Most Muscular, 1st
Mr Universe - NABBA, Tall, 1st

Universe - Pro - NABBA, Tall, 2nd

Universe - Pro - NABBA, Tall, 3rd

Universe - Pro - NABBA, Tall, 1st
Universe - Pro - NABBA, Overall Winner

Olympia - IFBB, 3rd (the first year that the contest was held)
Universe - IFBB, Tall, 1st
Universe - IFBB, Overall Winner

Masters Mr America - AAU, Tall, 1st
World Cup Pro Universe - PBBA, Masters, 3rd

Masters Mr America - AAU, Tall, 1st
Masters Mr America - AAU, Overall Winner


Earl Maynard now lives in Barbados and has thrown a new set of "strength" into being a film producer/director. He truly is a man who defines the word "strength" in all its meanings.


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