David Kirton

With his appealing blend of rock, pop and reggae, David Kirton has been able to achieve a colossal amount of attention from not only Barbados but from a worldwide audience as well. The dulcet tones of his voice touches the heart of everyone both locally and internationally.


Despite the vast attention that this creative man of the soil is able to conjure up, you can't help but be absolutely taken aback by his humility, shyness and deep spirit of calm. David's passion for music is so very deep-rooted that he has been able to teach himself how to play all of his instruments by mere ear and based on where the spirit leads him at any given point in time.


The art of music has been a part of him since his childhood days in Barbados with early exposure coming through being on Auntie Olga Childrens' Radio Show when he sang 'By The Rivers of Babylon'. No doubt that this would have inevitably been the start of something big for David.


Yearning for Much More

Clearly David is not the kind of guy who can be easily considered a conformist by any means. Having struggled with taking the normal course that is often time outlined by society, he decided to remove himself from it all in an effort to find himself. This process was one that helped him truly sharpen his consciousness and dive deeper into his spirit.


1993 was the year that saw the initial stages of his dreadlocks begin and a time that threw him deeper into his 'new way' of life. With much contemplation behind him and a tremendous amount of decision-making before him, David was surely on the soul path.


His Musical Career

The delivery of his 1998 debut CD 'Stranger' created a stir in Barbados and earned him some much needed exposure and attention as it was almost like a string of notes that were unheard of and now being played for the very first time.


His debut video 'Time for Change' has allowed him to chalk up some more attention by securing association with the likes of cinematographer / director Tom Krueger. Kruger is a multiple Pulitzer and Sundance award winner who also headed the film crew for the 'U2 Live in 3D' as well as recent Bruce Springsteen, U2 and Bob Dylan music videos. This level of attention seems to be far-reaching as he continues to attract big names across the world.


He was called 'best new act at Midem' by AP, played SXSW, won three Barbados Music Awards in 08 including song, video and Reggae artist of the year, a Barbados Cornerstone recipient, performed on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show, Semi Finalist ISC and was the first singer to ever perform at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London launching the Royal season for 2008.


His career included various stints such as signing with UK's Number 1 Music Distributor, live performances at the City Youth Fest and Fashion has No Borders in Toronto just to name a few.


Further information on David Kirton can be sourced at the following website http://www.davidkirton.com or through his booking agent Noelle Attaway, Bird's Eye Music Inc., 1762 9th Street. Apt C, Santa Monica, Calif. 90404; Tel: 310-579-1269; Tel: (246) 433-9088 or Email: .


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