Leah Marville

Standing at 5'7" but still considered 'short' in the modelling industry, this tall, super thin girl was born Leah Marville in Barbados but since then has accumulated a few other titles such as Miss Barbados World, 2009, Ms Marvelous, the Sexiest Woman Alive, the first Caribbean Continental Queen of Beauty and human rights activist. She is also titled one of Barbados' most successful international models with contracts in South Africa, Germany and interests in Singapore & New York. She has posed for several prominent magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Elle & Marie Claire. Her defining career moment was when she booked the world wide campaign for skin care giant NIVEA.


Leah is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and currently holds a bachelors of Law degree with honors. She interned at one of the most prestigious entertainment law firms in Jamaica, Gordon|McGrath, where she has worked on high profile cases for Beenie Man and members of the Bob Marley family.


With a keen interest in Television, Leah has hosted several episodes of the Caribbean music lifestyle program 'Wicked Style', which airs on US network giant BETJ. In addition to hosting, Leah has worn several production hats; Director for Barbadian reality TV series 'Young Exec'; Assistant Producer for Wicked Style' on BETJ; & Executive Producer for Passport 246 which is also hosted by her. Her comfort in front the camera coupled with her background in entertainment law, has made her quite the journalist and has landed exclusive interviews with Wyclef Jean, Kelly Rowland, Marlon Wayans & Larry Nimmer- the executive producer for the documentary, "Michael Jackson: The Untold story about Neverland" . It should therefore come as no surprise, that she is also a freelance writer for several Caribbean newspapers.


Leah is a devote humanitarian and supports several charities, the most notable of which is The Love Campaign.She claims her interest was spurned after working at the Human Rights Council in Jamaica as part of a summer program.


Leah Marville was awarded 'Continental Queen of Beauty' at the 59th staging of Miss World for being the highest placed Caribbean candidate, finishing 17th out of 112 contestants. She was also awarded 3rd place for her Beauty with a Purpose project.


The Love Campaign

The Love Campaign has its roots in Barbados and was established by Leah in 2009. The Foundation was created out of a desire to assist those children who are living with or affected by HIV AIDS.


The Three (3) Main Targets of the Love Campaign Are:
1. To Encourage People to Abandon the HIV Stigma
2. To Collect Food Donations for the HIV Food Bank
3. To Create the First Ever School Assistance Program in Barbados for Children


 Since its launch, the Foundation has been adopted by the Government of Barbados under the National HIV Commission and is endorsed by UNICEF and by several local and international celebrities. The campaign's success was mmost outstanding and was able to generate over US$50,000 in Food and Cash donations.


 Despite its roots being based in Barbados, the Campaign has also gained international recognition since being featured at the 59th staging of Miss World as part of Leah's Beauty with a Purpose project. This exposure and recognition to billions of viewers worlwide was quite significant as she captured third (3rd) position. The Campaign has been mirrored in Kenya by a non profit US company. In Jamaica, it has partnered with Martha's Home in Jamaica which is a Hospice for abandoned children living with HIV/AIDS.


The campaign was a major success and has generated over US$50,000 in Food and Cash donations. Since its launch, it has been adopted by the government under the National HIV Commission and is endorsed by UNICEF, and by several local & international celebrities.


Let there be no doubt at all that Leah Marville will certainly use her legal background coupled with her world of entertainment to further her professional and personal development as this young lady is clearly set take the stage in all aspects of the word.


Further information on Leah Marville can be sourced at the following website http://www.leahmarvilleonline.com.


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