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King Dyal

Redvers Dundonald Dyal was well known throughout Barbados as King Dyal. A king in most aspects of the description, King Dyal was renowned for gracing social arenas in Barbados, primarily cricket, with his very brightly coloured suits, his slim figure, pipe in mouth and all the while riding in on a vintage bicycle. As you can well imagine, the crowd would sometimes jeer at him but this was easily shrugged off by the King himself as he had an appearance to make with no distractions and that he did.


King Dyal was quite vocal in his time as he spoke on the very platform as one of Barbados' National Heroes, Clement Payne. Unfortunately, he was imprisoned for his activism but despite this, he continued to speak out on current issues such as drugs and the island's young men and women.


King Dyal was loved by all of Barbados as they truly looked forward to not just his popular spot cricket, but they also looked forward to seeing the King come out in his finest. Though seen as well-dressed enough for the duration of each match, King Dyal was known to change his suit at each interval and this change-over would cause a fresh stir and attract even more attention than the cricket game itself.


King Dyal who claimed to have lived a life where he never worked, died in poverty and was buried at sea.


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