The Merrymen of Barbados

The Merrymen

For more than forty (40) years, the Merrymen have been entertaining the people of Barbados and tourists alike with their sweet songs. The formation of this band  was as a result of the early exposure its members had to musical instruments. With such being the case, 1962 saw the coming together of four young musicians performing at the Drift Wood Cellar Bar in St. Lawrence Gap reportedly getting just about the equivalent of Barbados $36 (US$18) for their performance.


Their popularity grew not only in Barbados and the Caribbean but also throughout Europe where they were able to top the charts there. During musical interludes, the whistling tunes of Emile Straker became a characteristic element of their performances. Another characteristic element of the Merrymen was the very costmes they wore during performances and for their photo shoots.


It didn't take long before their musical career got off to a fleet-footed start as their performances crept into audiences at the famed Carnegie Hall in New York City. Their life changing song "Big Bamboo" topped the charts all over the Caribbean and even reached Holland, Germany and Belgium.


A variety of distinguished venues such as The Madison Square Garden, The Royal Festival Hall, The Blackpool Opera House and Trafalgar Square in London were amongst the list of venues that the Merrymen of Barbados performed at. Of notable mention is the fact that they even performed at a private party for the "Chairman of the Board" Frank Sinatra.


The Merrymen in Barbados are not as active on the stage these days but continue to perform at charities and concerts.

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