The art of fishing can certainly be considered a true way of life on the island of Barbados. As early as the sun rises to as late as the sunset and beyond, these dedicated men of the sea, pull out all the stops to ensure that the island is constantly supplied with fish. Through choppy or calm waters, during the day or in the dead of night, the determination of catching fish is all the same to these brave souls.


local-fishermen_2Their methods of catching fish vary as some can be seen along the shores casting their nets out to sea. Others can be seen precariously standing on the edge of a cliff or rock and tossing their lines out to sea. Then there are those who venture out to sea in their skillfully built fishing boats in an effort to set traps in anticipation of a bountiful catch. Whatever method used, the people of Barbados will always be truly grateful for the sacrifice made by these local fishermen in an effort to keep food on their tables.


Fish caught is usually sold in fish markets across Barbados, on the streets or by way of a van slowly driven through villages with the driver loudly shouting "Fish, fish, flying fish, five uh dollar." (or whatever price he chooses to sell them at). It is quite important to note that flying fish is not the only fish sold on the streets as dolphin, tuna, shark, snapper and much more are available for purchase.


In Memory of Local Fishermen Lost to the Sea

As you can well appreciate, going out to sea doesn't always guarantee coming back home with fish. Furthermore, it doesn't even guarantee these fishermen coming back home alive either. Barbados has recorded a few instances where their fisherfolk have been lost to sea. In some instances, their bodies were recovered but in others, no such luck. Gone but certainly not forgotten, as Barbados paid tribute to these fisherfolk in an hour-long service on Tuesday June 28, 2011.


Put on by the Barbados National Union of Fisherfolk Organization (BARNUFO) and carried out at the Berinda Cox Fish Market, this memorial service was conducted by Archbishop Granville Williams of the Sons of God Apostolic Spiritual Baptist Church as part of the annual highlight of Fishermen's Week.


During the last five years, three fishermen and two boatbuilders lost their lives at sea. During this memorial service, prayers were said for them and as a mark of respect and flowers were thrown onto the ocean.




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