Barbadian Fisherman Sanding His Boat Against a Beautiful Sunset, Barbados Pocket Guide


Where do we begin when we start to talk about sunsets in Barbados? Dining at sunset, walks on the beach at sunset, looking out to the beautiful sunset or simply taking photos to capture the intensity of the sunset. Whatever you do, we can only inform you that your time will indeed be well spent.


Understandably, you come to Barbados primarily to soak up the sun's heat especially if you're coming from a cold climate. Once you have taken in all you can throughout the course of any given day, this same sun presents itself in yet another form that automatically switches you off from the day's activities to a more relaxed, laid-back and romantic you. Quite powerful indeed!


Though the sun is gradually disappearing beyond Barbados' horizon, one can't help but feel somewhat connected to this almost fire-like ball that will grace our island again in the early morning when it rises on the east coast.


Sunsets on the beautiful island of Barbados are truly glorious. This spectacular evening show put on by nature is certainly a must-see and airs just about the same time every day.


Don't be late for this one, just show up with a chair, a drink, a significant other, family, friends or loved ones and enjoy the show. Rest assured you will not be diappointed one bit.


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