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Sea Adventures

If you thought you had outdone yourself with tours on the island of Barbados, let us proudly introduce you to the world of sea adventures which we are equally as proud of.


Highly Recommended Sea Adventures in Barbados


Atlantis Submarines

The island of Barbados is a mere 166 sq miles and  completely surrounded by water. Renowned for its absolutely beautiful...

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Seafari Adventures

Live the experience of real off-shore power boating with Barbados' most exciting snorkel adventure tour! Barbados' most innovative snorkel adventure tour...

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At first sight, the surface of Barbados' west coast waters can appear calm and that they are, most of the time. However, they can surely come alive when a hive of activities hit them. Exciting sea adventures such as the Barbados Seafari is certainly a must while visiting these shores. Not for the weak at heart, these Barbados Seafari adventures certainly deserve the title of being Barbados' most accelerated and exhilarating sea adventures on the island.


Beneath this most easterly positioned island in the Caribbean, lies a sea of activity that anxiously awaits your exploration. One sure way to get there is via Atlantis Submarine. This exceptional experience of the underwater world takes you into some of the most impressive looking coral reefs the island has on display. Part of your underwater journey also includes sights of shipwrecks which as you can only imagine are filled with lots of history.


On the choppier waters of Barbados' shores, you can also take up surfing or windsurfing. These two (2) adventures certainly rank themselves in the category of sea adventures. How much more daring can a person really get?


Other sea adventures that occur in Barbados are snorkelling, diving and skiing to name a few. Don't let your holiday come to an end without trying at least one of these sea adventures. After all, Barbados is surrounded by water. How can you possibly resist the urge?


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