While some may prefer to view night time as a time to sleep, the island of Barbados takes great pride in the fact that after a hard day's work or even a relaxed day persuing the island, we still have the energy to absorb some of the island's nightlife. Who said night time was made for sleeping anyway?


Highly Recommended Night Spots in Barbados


Harbour Lights

Harbour Lights is located on the pristine Carlisle Bay Beach in the parish of St. Michael, just on the outskirts of Barbados'...

Tel: (246) 621-5048

Fax: (246) 621-5040/47

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Oistin's Fish Fry

Take a trip to the south coast of Barbados any Friday night and you will be amazed at the abundance of people who frequent this area. As a visitor to the island you may be tempted to ask why but truth be told, there is something...

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In Barbados, when someone hears Taboo, great atmosphere, great drinks and great party all come to mind. Formally named The Boatyard, Taboo is now under new management...

Tel: (246) 826-4569

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Barbados' entertainment package is one that is filled with lots of variety. Your choice of bars with karaoke, sports bars, dining clubs and even wharf-front dining. All this and more are on offer to visitors who care to take the plunge and probe into our diverse nightlife.


Some places on the island that past visitors have craved time and time again would be the likes of the Harbour Lights which is located at Lower Bay Street. Another popular night spot for visitors would be Oistins Fish Fry located in Oistins on the south coast of the island. This is where visitors come together to eat some of the freshest seafood Barbados has to offer. Lest we forget the never-ending party atmosphere that prevails all night long at Oistins. Music and drinks abound. Of course, these are but a couple of the innumerable night spots the island of Barbados has in store for you.


From the simple rum shops to the fancier nightclubs that litter the island, fact remains, there's always a night activity out there to attend. The options are endless.


As we are on the topic of rum, we should inform you that Barbados' rum culture is a rather strong one (pun intended). "Leh we fire one" is as straightforward as it gets when a Bajan wants to invite you to have a drink. Simply translated it means "Let's have a drink". (If you haven't yet visited our Bajan dialect or local terms and phrases section of the website, you can always refer to our online dictionary should you need further information on this topic.) Despite the strength of our culture, we strongly advise you to drink in moderation as alcohol abuse can lead to all sorts of unnecessary complications and risks inclusive of but not limited to fatal accidents and the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).


The action-packed nightlife Barbados has to offer certanly gives everyone something to do while on the island.




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