Items on Display at the Nidhe Israel Museum, Bridgetown, Barbados Pocket Guide


The Barbados we currently live in is where it's at as a result of the rich and age old history that abounded, with a vast amount of that history dating back to the time of the British settlers. A hub of activity has lent itself well to the early development of Barbados as the heavy trade that took place in the island's capital city of Bridgetown, opened up excellent export opportunites for some of the island's prime products such as Barbados molasses, rum and sugar cane.


We can't dare forget our rich history as we are readily reminded of it through the channels of the museums found on the island. A visit to any of these museums exposes visitors to the full exploration of Barbados' social, sporting, cultural and military history.


Some of these museums are housed in historic buildings that have been preserved as part of the heritage the island so eagerly portrays. Also portrayed heavily in these museums is the full extent of what life was like for the slaves and their masters.


While in Barbados, do take a trip to any of the museums scattered across the island and become exposed to wonders of our history.


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