Animal Flower Cave, St. Lucy, Barbados Pocket Guide


On approach to the island of Barbados via plane, it is clear to see the extent of the water that surrounds this small island of ours. Just an aerial view of a mere touch of the beauty that abounds on these shores of ours. It should come as no surprise that this beautiful coral stone island has such natural and in some instances, rare phenomena such as caves.


A breakdown of the category section of Caves include:-

Coles Cave Harrison's Cave The Animal Flower Cave


From a surface level, it would be quite difficult to believe that Barbados has so many caves. However, it has been recorded that the island has thousands of caves that range in size from small pocket caves to the larger ones.


Though many of the caves throughout Barbados are not accessible by the general public, a few of them are open to the public for tours. These tours are simply breathtaking experiences that give you better insight into how the island of Barbados has developed over the years.


Barbados has a plethora of attractions to offer, all of which are brimming with history and wonder.


We welcome you to the caves of Barbados.


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