Popcorn at the Cinema


The people of Barbados have always been fans of the movies and theaters. From the old moving cinemas (a large screen on the back of trucks), the drive-in (a regular favourite for locals who want to watch the movies under the stars), to the new Limegrove cinemas with 3D capability, you will find that you have many options in Barbados to see a movie. We are also very lucky to get most of the current released films very soon after they have been released around the world.


A breakdown of the category section of Cinemas include:-

Drive In
Limegrove Cinemas
Olympus Theatres


Prices in Barbados to see a movie are quite reasonable averaging around US$8.00 per movie. Kids do get special pricing and some cinemas offer off peak time special pricing. Friday nights are usually very busy with lots of young crowds. The Drive-in cinema is a real treat if you have ever been to one, rent a car and enjoy yourself under those stars and don't forget to take something to get warm next to - it can get very cool on a night in the island.


The main cinemas in Barbados are:


In Bridgetown
The Globe Cinemas - 1 screen


South Coast
Globe Drive-In - 2 screen
Olympus - 6 screens
Olympus VIP - 2 screens


West Coast
Limegrove Cinemas (NEW) - 2 screens (3D ability)




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