Young Boy Horseback Riding at Agrofest, Bridgetown, Barbados Pocket Guide

Horseback Riding

If you have a fear of heights, there is no reason to fear horseback riding when in Barbados. Some may see horses as intimidating but they are really some of the most gentle and senstive animals found on the island.


Besides the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding, so too are the recreational benefits. Exploring these fields and hills  on a horseback is quite an incredible adventure. Guided horseback tours go through neighbourhoods, cane fields, scenic coastline, plantation lands and even the hilly terrain of Barbados' rugged east coast.


The island of Barbados has a number of professional horseriding facilities with trained staff who are more than willing to assist in getting your riding programme started. You can decide on taking a tour with one of the stables or signing up at one of the horseriding schools on the island such as Caribbean International Riding Centre, Brighton Stables, Jahworks Nature Walk Tour or Tony's Riding School.


Benefits of Horseback Riding

Horseback riding in Barbados is quite an unforgettable experience and more and more viewed as a highly beneficial form of therapy.


When a horse gaits around, the privileged rider is exposed to both pelvic and spine being strengthened, an improvement in coordination and posture and an increase in joint mobility is also experienced. Not to mention the psychological feeling of command, a feeling of competence and an escalation of confidence in oneself.


It is even recorded that horseback riding has proven beneficial in fighting obesity. A horse that gaits around will allow the rider to burn approximately two (2) calories in a minute, a trotting horse will allow the same rider to burn approximately six (6) calories in a minute and a galloping horse will allow the same rider to burn approximately eight (8) calories in a minute. Interestingly enough, grooming a horse can aid in burning fat as well.


When compared to other exercises such as running and walking, horseback riding is comparatively easier on the knees and lower back. It also tightens muscles all over the body.


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