Atlantis Submarines

The island of Barbados is a mere 166 sq miles and  completely surrounded by water. Renowned for its absolutely beautiful beaches with powdery-like sand and brilliant blue waters, it is also fast becoming recognized for its marine and underwater life.


Barbados has a very special attraction on offer that is heavily linked to its underwater fascination. The island offers a submarine dive through Atlantis Submarines, which offers a unique opportunity to view marine life, fish and other ecological aspects of Barbados from a different viewpoint and with the comfort of not getting wet one bit. A true value for money experience.


A trip on board Atlantis Submarines is highly favoured as a family affair, anyone game for an adventure should take the trip while in Barbados. This guided tour has a most competent co-pilot who effectively describes the glorious aspects of nature which you can see through your window.


Morning and afternoon tours can be booked with trips lasting approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes each. Cost for adults 17 years of age and above is Bds $208 (which includes a drink) and children from 3ft high up to 17 years old: Bds$104.00.


Go right ahead and do something a little different when in Barbados. Get on board the Atlantis Submarine!!




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