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The island of Barbados is filled with surprises. So many that it would be best for you to simply discover them all as opposed to being told of them. Nevertheless, it is our duty to at least inform you of some of them to get you on your way.

Highly Recommended Island Tours in Barbados

TAB 2 Top 10 Island Tours Island Safari

Island Safari

Island Safari offers a unique jeep safari experience on our zebra striped, specially designed 4x4 jeeps. Climb on board our comfortable cabs and let us show you what the others leave out, specifically the most scenic locations of the island by travelling on and off the beaten track.

Tel: (246) 429-5337

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TAB2 Top10 IslandTours BIT

Book Island Tours 

Book Island Tours provides travelers with tours and excursions on the islands of Antigua, Barbados and St. Lucia. We are thrilled to offer visitors award-winning experiences, and premier attractions that showcase these three tropical islands. Our tours focus on Caribbean culture, heritage, food, music and the natural beauty of the Islands and surrounding waters.

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TAB2 Top10 Island Tours SunTours

SunTours Barbados

SunTours is the leading transportation and tour company in Barbados with over 150 years of service to visitors and Barbadians. Our team can transport you from all ports of entry in Barbados as well as hotels, villas and homes to any other point or enjoy one of our many organized tours as part of a group or in a private vehicle. No matter the size of your group we can handle it.

Tel: (246) 434-8460

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TAB2 Top10 IslandTours HiredCars

Hired Cars

We urge you to go right ahead and discover Barbados' beauty and wonder at your leisure with a hired car from any of the car rental companies on the island. Your options of hired cars can range from compact cars and mokes to SUVs and pickup trucks. We suggest checking out Drive-A-Matic Car Rentals for the widest range of cars to choose from and the best customer service.

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TAB2 Top10 IslandTours Hiking


Hiking on the beautiful island of Barbados certainly puts things into another perspective. Known moreso for its more than inviting beaches and bays, the island offers more in the way of its natural terrain. Let's start with Barbados' scenery which is somewhat of a fascinating aspect of the island's tours in itself. The rugged and unspoilt glory that abounds the island's east coast is a sight to see. Attractions such as Mount Hillaby which is the highest point on the island or Chalky Mount where you can see the island's potters at work, are but a few attractions on the east  coast of Barbados.

Heading more towards the center of the island, one can take a trip to Welchman Hall Gully where you readily tap into the peaceful feel of a fascinating gully that has both tropical and exotic plants or you can visit Harrison's Cave, which is a crystallized limestone cave that runs deep beneath the surface of the earth.

For those who just want to do their own 'stop and gaze', the options are also quite numerous for that kind of tour. You can hop into a mini-moke, hire a scooter or a bicycle to get on your way.

We've fuelled you, now you need to make the descision on just how you will go about your own little island tour. Whether you take in an Island Safari Tour, hire a car, book with SunTours Barbados or go on a scenic bus ride, all roads lead to the beauty and absolute intrigue the island of Barbados has to offer.

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