St. Philip Anglican Church, St. Philip, Barbados Pocket Guide


Barbados was once regarded as a very religious country with Sunday being a day that was held sacred by the majority of its citizens. This opinion is borne out by the over one hundred different religious denominations practicing on the island and the over three hundred churches located on this tiny rock known as Barbados. This leads sometimes to several churches, of varying denominations being located within the same neighbourhood.


The churches on this island of Barbados vary in style and design and provide a wonderful variety of architectural heritage and history.  Some of the churches on the island have very interesting stories behind their construction and their very presence here on the island. Christ Church Parish Church for example, has an infamous past featuring the moving coffins in the world renowned Chase Vault.


Many of the churches found in Barbados (Anglican, Methodist, Moravian and Catholic) feature mainly Georgian and Jacobean architecture. These architectural gems can be found in some very picturesque settings, located among majestic mile tree and mahogany groves or perched on cliffs, like the St. John's Parish Church which overlooks the beautiful east coast of the island.


Religion in Barbados is all wrapped up in the history and the very fabric of the Barbadian society and monuments to the religious history of Barbados can be found in the majestic and colourful churches dotting the Barbadian landscape.



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