Historic Buildings in Speightstown, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide

Attractions by Parish/Location

When one thinks of the word attraction, a definition of an endeavour that stimulates interest, satisfaction or an appreciation for someone or something comes to mind. This aptly describes the many attractions the island of Barbados has to offer. Allow yourself to be educated and intrigued as you go about discovering the many places of interest that exists on our island.




A category breakdown into the many attractions found in Barbados include:-

Bridgetown St. George St. Joseph St. Peter
Christ Church St. James St. Lucy St. Philip
St. Andrew St. John St. Michael St. Thomas


Starting with the natural beauty you first see on arrival, Barbados is truly a tropical landscape. The island can be considered a haven for hikers as our fields and hills are graced with the natural beauty Mother Earth has to offer.


One such haven for hikers is Turner's Hall Woods. Located in the picturesque parish of St. Andrew, this dense tropical forests stretches over seventy-four (74) acres and is the only original forest that exists on the island since pre-settlement times. Turner's Hall Woods boasts of some of the most indigenous trees to be found anywhere on the island.


Some of the other attractions in Barbados that are as close to nature as you can possibly get would be places such as  Harrisons Cave, which is located in the parish of St. Thomas, Andromeda Botanical Gardens which is located in the parish of St. Joseph and the Animal Flower Cave, which is located in the parish of St. Lucy to name a few.


If your passion is history and heritage, we can get you started with a trip to the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. Located at St. Ann's, the Garrison in the parish of St. Michael, here is where you will find a wealth of information on Barbados' history and genealogy. A further exploration of Barbados' history can take place by visiting any of the Anglican churches or historic homes on the island.


If you come to the island on a cruise ship, your port of disembarkation will be the Bridgetown Port which is located on the outskirts of Barbados' capital city, Bridgetown. Across the street from the Bridgetown Port is the Pelican Village and Craft Centre. A unique shopping village which offers the best in local crafts and affords you a chance to see local craftsmen and women at work. This shopping village is located in Pelican Village which was named after a small island, Pelican island, which once existed off the island of Barbados.


Close by is the Bridgetown Fish Market where you can purchase a variety of fresh fish. You can take a walk into the heart of Bridgetown and be captivated by the wealth of history that surrounds this city which dates back to the 1600s.


There's more than enough we can share with you on the many attractions that will serve to distract you (in a good way) while you go about your travels on the island. We encourage you to take a peak at the links scattered throughout this article as a guide to our attractions that are listed by parish/location.


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