Harrisons Cave, St. Thomas, Barbados Pocket Guide

St. Thomas

As per the central location of its neighbouring parish St. George, so too is the parish of St. Thomas on the island of Barbados. St. Thomas is one of the original parishes that was established on the island of Barbados in 1629 by the English settlers who landed at Holetown in the parish of St. James. Despite not having a coastline, the parish of St. Thomas certainly has a lot that can be discovered and explored.




Bagatelle Great House is located in Bagatelle, St. Thomas, Barbados and was a former sugar plantation that has now been reformed and put largely to use for the dining and entertainment pleasure of any member of the public, whether local or visitor. Built in 1645, the property has passed through numerous owners over the years and now is home to several restaurants, which each potentially cater to a completely different set of customers.


A thing of beauty is a sight to behold. Every country around the globe has at least one natural wonder which it invites everyone to come see, enjoy and appreciate. Harrison's Cave is such a natural gem; a limestone cavern in the depths of the earth in the parish of St. Thomas on the island of Barbados. One of the most sought after sight-seeing spots on the island, it is an underground adventure. The cave is named after Thomas Harrison who owned the majority of land in the area back in the 1700s. This is the same person who established Harrison College, one of the top secondary schools in Barbados, in 1733. The caves basically remained closed to the mind and to the imagination until 1970 or so.


St. Thomas Parish Church sits in the district of Arch Hall right at the corner of one of the largest roundabouts on the island, just at the top of the hill that leads down to Holetown in the parish of St. James. The current structure of this parish church was built in 1836 to replace the church that was destroyed by the hurricane that ravaged the island of Barbados in 1831. In fact the present church is the fourth parish church built in the area.


A look through our list of attractions throughout the parish of St. Thomas will give you a better idea of what this parish has to offer.


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