Scotland District, St. Andrew, Barbados Pocket Guide

St. Andrew

The picturesque parish of St. Andrew is located on the eastern side of Barbados and is home to the Scotland District and Barbados' highest point on the island, Mount Hillaby. The parish of St. Andrew is renowned for its hills and valleys that in some instances, pour themselves into the sea. A trip to the historic St. Andrew's Parish Church would certainly open you up to the architecture of the day and strength of structure as well.

Some of the many attractions found in the parish of St. Andrew are as follows:- 

Chalky Mount Potteries
Grenade Hall Forest & Signal Station
Morgan Lewis Windmill
Mount Hillaby
Scotland District
St. Andrew's Parish Church
Turners Hall Woods

The view atop Chalky Mount, like most areas of St. Andrew, is simply breathtaking. This parish is made up predominantly of clay soils that blend well with the landscape of the area. While in Chalky Mount, please take a trip to the Chalky Mount Potteries where local potters are at work using clay from this very parish in the creation of many beautiful wares. 

Forest land makes up a big part of the parish of St. Andrew. It should come as no surprise that the parish is home to a dense tropical forest called Turners Hall Woods. A woods set on more than seventy (70) acres of land that is still a part of the original tropical forest belonging to Barbados when the first settlement of 1627 took place.

Another place of interest in the parish of St. Andrew is the Spring Vale Eco-Heritage Museum which is located on the grounds of a former two hundred (200) acre sugar plantation. Tours throughout the museum are conducted to educate not only visitors but the people of Barbados about the way in which herbs were used back in the day for medicinal purposes, the way in which food was stored and prepared and how very different the process of washing clothes was at the time.

A look through our list of attractions throughout the parish of St. Andrew will give you a better idea of what this parish has to offer.


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