Gun Hill Signal Station, Gun Hill, St. George, Barbados Pocket Guide

St. George

Centrally located on the island of Barbados, is the parish of St. George. Based on its current position, the parish of St. George has no beaches surrounding it but is equally adorned by the phenomenal views it offers that look over to the South and west coasts of Barbados.




Some of the many attractions found in St. George include:-

Brighton Farmers Market
Drax Hall Plantation
Francia Plantation House
Gun Hill Signal Station
Orchid World


The Gun Hill Signal Station is strategically perched on a hilltop in the parish of St. George and is one of the six (6) signal stations erected across Barbados after the 1816 Slave Rebellion. This  nineteenth (19th) century signal station arguably offers the best views of the entire island of Barbados and contains a captivating collection of military memorabilia. When it was known as Briggs Hill, it was named as one of the four points where guns were to be placed to give alarm in the event of an invasion.


If you are an early riser like most people in Barbados, a great place to get started in St. George is the Brighton Farmers Market. This is an open-air market that is located on Brighton Plantation. On sale, one would find all kinds of fruits and vegetables, teas, coffee, patties, pottery, plants, jewellery and clothing. An ideal place to walk around early on a Saturday morning while you are shopping and having a cup of coffee.


If architecture is what you are feeling for on a particular day, St. George offers you the opportunity to view Drax Hall Plantation. Once owned by a wealthy family in Barbados, this is one of the earliest and largest sugar plantation properties in existence from the mid-17th century. Drax Hall was reportedly built by James and William Drax and like many of the structures of that period, Jacobean architecture was the order of the day, with this building being adorned with gable roofs and casement windows.


Another historic place of interest in St. George is St. George Parish Church. This church is the oldest ecclesiastical building on the island of Barbados today. Located in The Glebe, St. George, the St. George Parish Church, along with the St. Michael's Cathedral and St. James' Parish Church were the only church buildings to survive the great hurricane that ravaged the island in August of 1831.


A look through our list of attractions throughout the parish of St. George will give you a better idea of what this parish has to offer.


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