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Orchid World

In Groves, St. George, off Highway 3 in Barbados, a haven of beauty in the form of Orchid World, has been nurtured and created for the pleasure of those who decide to enter its premises.




Scattered systematically throughout the six (6) acres of lush landscape are over twenty thousand (20,000) species of orchids. As one meanders, through the well-appointed groves and paths, one can fully appreciate the design of the gardens. This includes a waterfall, which has been placed in the garden and this adds another dimension to the recreation component of Orchid World.


orchid 1There are five (5) orchid houses on this St. George property and numerous varieties of the flower are in bloom all over so one is encouraged to also look down when walking to ensure that nothing is missed. In the case of some of the types which require very special conditions in order to thrive, every effort has been made to re-create same. Reds, pinks, purples, hybrids, you name it.


These surroundings are visually appealing even to the uninitiated as the mass of colour and beauty can be described as exciting and eye-catching at the same time as tranquil and enchanting. The wedding gazebo and the benches interspersed between the flowers lend to this overpowering atmosphere. For those persons not wanting to end the experience, there is a Best of Barbados Gift shop where purchases of suitable souvenirs can be made to take away and the bar and restaurant provide light refreshments to reinvigorate after the walk-through and before leaving to make the next stop.


Orchid World is open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Do telephone them at (246) 433-0306 or visit their website at http://www.orchidworldbarbados.com/.


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