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Brighton Farmers Market

In the centre of the island of Barbados, in the parish of St. George, there is a location to which an early morning expedition is made every Saturday morning by a large number of Barbadians as well as members of the expatriate community. It is the Brighton Farmers' Market which is an open-air market, the home of which is on Brighton Plantation, located approximately fifteen (15) minutes outside of Bridgetown.




From 6:00am to 10:00am each Saturday morning, the plantation grounds are transformed into a market and social thoroughfare, where local farmers, artists and vendors also have the opportunity to display their ware as attractively as possible in order to obtain as many sales as they possibly can.


One can find almost anything at the market. To start off, if by chance breakfast was missed in order to get to Brighton Plantation early, one can re-engergise with selections of delicious patties, quiche, croissants and coffee or juice before starting to do the shopping. Take a seat in the picnic area and have your meal and perhaps make a new friend while resting your feet.


Everything from sweet to savoury can be savored while taking in the St. George Valley air. There is the vegetable stall area from which one can purchase lettuce, papaws, cucumbers and most seasonal items all fresh and attractively presented. Pottery and plants, jewellery of wooden or semi-precious stones to name a few, even clothing made by local designers is on display. It is therefore possible to see some tie-dyed items blowing in the wind.


The expatriate community is also made to feel at home as there is generally a gourmet stall which provides a variety of exotic cheeses, jellies, sausages and other meats. The locals/regulars are also open to trying everything as many of these items can be usually obtained from the larger supermarkets or gourmet outlets on the island of Barbados. What makes Brighton Farmers Market remain fresh and receive continued patronage despite many of the items being offered elsewhere is the social interaction and ambiance provided by its physical setting and lay-out.


A lively atmosphere which also caters to children is what makes the Brighton Farmers Market in St. George ripe for at least one visit for the Barbadian or any visitor to the island of Barbados.


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