Francia Plantation House, St. George, Barbados

Francia Plantation House

Bestowed with a very pretty name, Francia Plantation House in St. George is one of the many historic plantation houses and properties which remains standing today. This house was built in the 19th century, and set on a hillside in a location that affords prime views of the St. George Valley in Barbados. The original owner of the property was a Frenchman who married a Barbadian. The name as given, was linked to the place of his birth, France.




The plantation house and property, though large have a distinct homely feeling. The gardens and lawns are kept in pristine condition and the orchards are watered and the fruit trees thrive under the care received. Vines trailing down the walls of the house add character to the external appearance. The house itself retained its antique collection for quite a long time. Items such as its exquisite mahogany dining table, dainty china and silverware form part of the legacy of Francia Planation. One factor of interest of this property was its fantastic collection of maps which could be seen framed and hung on the walls throughout much of the house.


Today, Francia Plantation is no longer open to the public for viewing. It is now the site of a private school, called Providence Elementary School, the mandate of which is "…to educate young children to reach their full academic potential, through well balanced programmes…". The young students at this school now have the privilege and benefit of living a slice of history every day of their school lives on the Francia Plantation in St. George, Barbados.


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