St. Lukes Church, Barbados

St. Luke's Church

Heading along Highway Four, just past the Buckley's Sugar Factory and going into the Brighton Community of St. George in Barbados, one would discover the St. Luke's Anglican Church, nestled in the middle of acres of gently swaying sugar canes and seemingly endless fields of local ground provisions and vegetables.




This quiet country church was built in 1830. The site on which the church was constructed was presented as a gift by Mr. Conrad Pile of the Brighton Estate. However, the original church was destroyed by the hurricane that devastated the island of Barbados in August of 1831. Fortunately, the church was rebuilt in the next year.


The St. Luke's Church was originally thought to be quite a simple church (rectangular in shape) but to date no photographs or drawings of the early church building have been found to verify this. However, in 1876 extensions to the church were made which definitely changed the façade of the church from the simple rectangular building which was thought to be common at the time in Barbados.


The St. Luke's Anglican Church sits at the foot of a cliff with the St. Luke's-Brighton Primary School located on lands situated just to the south of the church. St. Luke's Church is a part of a very vibrant Barbadian community which takes great pride in maintaining and developing the area. In this spirit, as a part of the church's one hundred and eightieth (180 yrs) anniversary celebrations, the church donated a bus shelter and dedicated it to the oldest living man in Barbados. Mr. James Sisnett, who also happens to be a long standing member of the St. Luke's Church congregation, has reached the remarkable milestone of one hundred and ten years old (110).


St. Luke's Anglican Church is quite a beautiful little country church with an exquisite wooden ceiling and brightly coloured stained glass windows which flank either side of the altar. Paying a visit to this church would definitely transport any visitor back to the good old days on the beautiful island of Barbados.



Sundays  - 6:30 am & 8:30 am
4th Sundays  - 8:00 am & 5:00 pm (Eucharist and Sermon Evensong)
5th Sundays  - 8:00 am (Matins & Eucharist) 5:00 pm (Evensong)
Every 3rd Sundays  -  Holy Baptism


Contact Information

Telephone (Office)  -  (246) 429- 2246
Residence  - (246) 423-3826



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