St. John

History, history, history. Just what the island of Barbados is filled with. The parish of St. John is located on the eastern side of the island and is home to Codrington College. The history of Codrington College is intriguing based on its educational and historical background. The land on which it was built was owned by a prominent white Barbadian, Christopher Codrington III, son of Christopher Codrington II who was at one time Governor General of the Leeward Islands. This expansive property in Barbados is enjoyed by all. It is open to the public for visits and is a favourite stop for picnickers who simply wish to tour the grounds and take pictures, the lawn areas are sometimes used for wedding shots and it is certainly a favourite with the official tour company operators from Barbados.




Amongst the Anglican churches found in the parish of St. John is the St. John Anglican Church. Set on what has been described as the most romantic location on the island of Barbados; St. John's Parish Church is perched upon the edge of Hackleton's Cliff and commands magnificent panoramic views that stretch from Ragged Point in the east to Pico Tenerife in the north. It is speculated that St. John's Parish Church was first constructed in 1645; making it one of the oldest churches in Barbados. This first wooden building was destroyed by fire and was replaced in 1660 when construction on a stone structure began. This church building was to cost the diocese one hundred and ten thousand pounds of sugar (110,000 lbs.).


Yet another attraction to see while in St. John is Villa Nova. Villa Nova is one of a number of Great Houses which have been retained or restored over the years. It was built in 1834 around the time of the ending of slavery and is made out of hand-cut coral stone. On fifteen (15) acres of land, Villa Nova is a private and enclosed estate and is set upon a hill which looks down on the magnificent east coast and for man and for many years was a place of rest and retreat for statesmen, royalty, movie and musical stars.


After a number of changes and a hiatus in its state of affairs, the property again opened its doors in April 2001. Every effort was made to ensure that its original colonial heritage was not compromised, while managing to create a boutique property which would meet international standards.


A look through our list of attractions throughout the parish of St. John will give you a better idea of what this parish has to offer.




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