Villa Nova

Villa Nova is located in the parish of St. John in Barbados and is one of a number of Great Houses which have been retained or restored over the years. It was built in 1834 around the time of the ending of slavery and is made out of hand-cut coral stone. On fifteen (15) acres of land, Villa Nova is a private and enclosed estate and is set upon a hill which looks down on the magnificent east coast and for man and for many years was a place of rest and retreat for statesmen, royalty, movie and musical stars.



After a number of changes and a hiatus in its state of affairs, the property again opened its doors in April 2001. Every effort was made to ensure that its original colonial heritage was not compromised, while managing to create a boutique property which would meet international standards.


The villa Nova property is special. With 28 rooms, it is sufficiently small to be considered intimate; however no expense was spared to model a place of excellence in terms of structure, fittings or décor. Each room is tastefully decorated with quality furniture and products. Being that committed to service excellence and to cement this theme, the management and staff at the property have been rigourously selected to fit the caliber of the Villa Nova property.


For those visitors seeking to maintain their routines without having to move far away from the property, there are tennis courts, a fitness room and a gym, all at this east coast Barbados property. In seeking to meet the needs of their guests, the staff at Villa Nova are also able and willing to coordinate any special requests such as catamaran cruises or getaways trips to some of the exotic islands near to Barbados. As a result of its natural beauty and surroundings, the venue is sought after for weddings, corporate events and other special functions.


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