Wedding Cake Display, Barbados Pocket Guide

Wedding Planning

Getting married in Barbados is not only an exciting venture but also an easy process to undertake. You can easily stay where you are and be rest assured that the professional wedding planners on the island will ably provide a wide range of services that cater to making your wedding day as stress free as possible.

Wedding planning services in Barbados include but are not limited to providing couples with the best in photography, choosing the best time of the year to get married, designing and printing of wedding invitations, accompanying couples to get their marriage certificates sorted, selecting the best flowers the island has to offer, the rental and decoration of facilities, accommodation for the duration of time you are on the island and arranging your preferred choice of transportation on your special day (this could range from an Island Safari Jeep to a luxurious limousine). There are no restrictions to what you want as this is your special day and it is our duty to ensure you live out the wedding day you've been dreaming of.

Our planning services also include offering you the traditional wedding in one of our beautiful and historic Anglican churches or you can step outside the box and have your special day on the beach instead. Whatever you decide, you can be rest assured that the ambience Barbados provides will not only cater to your every need but also to the needs of your guests. 

If you are on a particular budget, let this not be a deterrent to you planning your wedding in Barbados', as wedding planners are more than willing to tailor to your financial parameters. Our packages are varied and can include unique weddings, cruise ship weddings, seaside weddings, tropical garden weddings, traditional weddings or the renewal of marriage vows. 

Barbados is truly a beautiful island that will not only fit well into your wedding plans but offer a plethora of activities to keep you busy on your honeymoon and throughout the remaining time you spend on the island.


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