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Top 10 List

The Barbados Pocket Guide has a plethora of information all compiled to guide, educate and fascinate you. Based on the fact that there is already more than enough for you to peruse as you go through our website, we thought we would add some simplicity.

Our Top 10 List is a compilation of various aspects of our island Barbados. Here you get an opportunity to take a gander at the endless possibilities that exists within the walls of our site.

Understandably, there's a lot we haven't covered but we invite you to explore our Top 10 List and allow that to be the base of your research. Our list includes Artists, Attractions, Beaches, Car Rental, Homes, Hotels, Island Tours, Old Plantation Houses, Restaurants and Rum Shops.

We at Barbados Pocket Guide are always open to your comments and suggestion. If you think there's anything else we can possibly add to our site that will further inform you the public, feel free to share this with us.


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