Hotel Room, Barbados Pocket Guide


The island of Barbados sits strategically on the outside of the other islands of the Lesser Antilles. Surrounded by some of the most pristine beaches found anywhere, the island is mainly made up of coral reefs and features powdery sands and crystal-like turquoise waters. Fortunately for you, these very beaches are home to the many hotels that are also strategically situated on the many beaches that surround Barbados.

East Coast Hotels Barbados

East Coast Hotels

The east coast of the Barbados is not a place littered with hotels but rather features a coastline that borders the majestic waves of the Atlantic Ocean. There are not many hotels located along this part of the island but if seclusion and deserted beaches...

South Coast Hotels

South Coast Hotels

The south coast of the island of Barbados is typically a much livelier place than the more sedate west coast. The south coast offers quite a few options in terms of nightlife; there are numerous restaurants, night clubs, bars...

West Coast Hotels Barbados

West Coast Hotels

The west coast of Barbados is otherwise known as the "Gold Coast" but in recent times has been duly upgraded to the title of "Platinum Coast". Such as accolade is fitting as when one takes a drive around this side of Barbados...

Staying at hotels in Barbados augurs well for the visitor who is predominantly attracted to our powdery sands and crystal-like turquoise waters. Our hotels offer three (3) to five (5) star ratings with an irrefutable caliber of luxury and service that is on a par with that in any part of the world.

Fortunately, you will find hotels throughout Barbados are strategically placed as they offer easy access to grocery shopping, night life, duty-free shopping and restaurants to name a few.

Hotels in Barbados have facilities such as 24 hour reception, parking facilities, high-speed internet, bars, swim-up bars, nearby golf courses, fitness centres, tennis courts, squash courts, spa treatments, restaurants, baby-sitting services, outdoor pools, room service, rooms for those persons with limited mobility, smoke-free rooms, watersports activities and private balconies.

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