Extrior of an East Coast Hotel & a Waitress Serving Guests in the Dining Area, Barbados Pocket Guide

East Coast Hotels

The east coast of the Barbados is not a place littered with hotels but rather features a coastline that borders the majestic waves of the Atlantic Ocean. There are not many hotels located along this part of the island but if seclusion and deserted beaches appeal to you then this is the ideal area for you to book your accommodation for the most perfect vacation you could possibly have.

A breakdown of the category East Coast Hotels includes:-

Atlantis Hotel
The Crane Residential Resort

Spending your vacation on the east coast affords you many private beach front areas that provide the perfect getaway from the normal hustle and bustle of the more popular tourist areas on the west and south coasts of Barbados.

Life on the east coast of Barbados is slow paced and ideal for relaxing and enjoying the serene landscape and the calming waves of the ocean.

The east coast of Barbados is the perfect location for those visitors who want to escape it all and just relax; it is advisable that if you do choose to stay in this location that you rent a vehicle since you will be isolated from supermarkets and other amenities. There is a bus service to the area but for convenience and just in case of emergencies, having access to your vehicle is the best option, plus it gives you the mobility to get around the island as you choose.


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