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Destination Services

Destination Services

You made a decision for the island of Barbados be the place you take your vacation or make your business trip. Quite understood as it is no secret the paradise we have on offer. Cool, constant trade wind breezes that blow amidst the warm sunshine weather.  The surrounding crystal-like turquoise waters provide a most inviting and compelling  sense of attraction to our many beaches. The countless places of interest, the  numerous historic sites and the innumerable things to do in Barbados are just a few of the things that allow Barbados to be the prime destination that is sought after.


The sole aim of destination services in Barbados is to expose you to the very best the island has to offer by way of its planning and coordinating abilities. You can be truly confident that the best service and personalised attention will be given to your every need.


Expert and knowledgeable staff are on hand to ensure you are well catered for throughout your journey to Barbados. Executing a high level of professionalism that speaks to the tune of their dedication and commitment to your comfort while in Barbados and prior to arriving on the island.


One such desitination service that can be found in Barbados is Johnson's Tours Barbados Ltd. Johnson's Tours is the leading tours and transportation company in Barbados. They can trace their origins back to 1860, making them one of the oldest and most established taxi and tours companies in Barbados. With over one hundred and fortu (140) years experience behind them, they have perfected the art of providing excellent service and quality vehicles to you and your clients.


Johnson's Tours conduct regular customer service training for all their staff, to maintain their very high level of customer satisfaction. Their executive fleet consists of a wide variety of luxury saloons, vans and coaches to suit all of your transportation needs. Their services include transfers, weddings, sightseeing/island tours, business transportation and general taxi services.