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Small Hotels

Barbados offers an array of options for visitors who would prefer to stay in less-populated accommodations or who are simply after a more cosy, intimate and personalized home-away-from-home. Holidaymakers and business travellers alike are spoilt for choice with a full range of smaller hotels, apartment hotels, guesthouses and villas spread throughout the island. These range from convenient Bridgetown bases and popular west coast properties to more secluded getaways on the north east coast. Small hotels in Barbados cater equally to the needs of visitors on a budget and those who intend to enjoy a luxurious, pampered experience here.


125x85-barbados-treasures_small Barbados Treasures

The Barbados Treasures group is an affiliation of two of the smaller hotels in Barbados: Peach and Quiet and Dover Beach hotels. Each of these is a family-run, beachfront hotel that promises an intimate....

Tel: (246) 428-5682 (Peach & Quiet)
Tel: (246) 428-8076 (Dover Beach)  
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125x85-intimate-hotels_small Intimate Hotels of Barbados

The Intimate Hotels of Barbados group represents roughly 50 of the island's small hotels, apartment hotels, apartments, villas and guesthouses. These independent, indigenously-owned hotels promise...

Tel: (246) 436-2053
Fax: (246) 436-3748
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Two groupings of smaller hotels offer a centralized base from which to make your selection. The Gems of Barbados group includes three hotels located along Barbados’ south coast, each promising an authentic Bajan atmosphere: The Savannah Hotel, The Blue Horizon and Time Out at the Gap. The Intimate Hotels of Barbados group comprises nearly 50 independent and indigenously-owned small hotels, apartment hotels, apartments, villas and guesthouses.


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