Sailboat Docked on a West Coast Beach, Barbados Pocket Guide

Vacation Types

Your reasons for wanting to travel can vary but we are absolutely sure that whatever the reasons are for your trip, you are sure to find that explanation on the beautiful and intriguing island of Barbados. 

After working intensely for many months, it's time to take off on a beach living vacation. A time when you can relax and watch the sunrise (depending on what part of the island you are staying) or lay back in a beach chair and literally absorb the sun's rays. Part of your beach living vacation can also include enjoying the mesmerizing sunset from the comfort of your hotel room.

For the more corporate visitors whose primary focus is to conduct business on the island, there are a number of meeting facilities that readily accommodate such a vacation. One such facility is the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre which caters to many kinds of events including weddings, banquets, awards ceremonies and conventions to name a few.

You can even tap into your resources and create your own vacation. After all, Barbados is not just about sand, sea and sun but about you feeling free to express yourself.


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