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No Frills Vacation

Sometimes all that is needed for a fantastic vacation are the basics. Clean and central accommodation, accessible transportation, food and the option of things to do or not to do, these are the things that matter. To plan a laid-back holiday on the island of Barbados is relatively simple. Select from a wide variety and caliber of apartments and guest houses on the island. Determine if you want to be inland or on the seaside, whether you want to prepare your own meals or have them prepared for you. A simple bed and breakfast place might have just the right ambiance to do the trick. Giving thought to all these components will help you cement the decision about where to stay.  


A number of fast-food outlets abound and there are some other eateries which offer simple items like macaroni and cheese, baked or fried chicken, fish or pork and salads. Forget the lobster or shrimp salad and try the local delicacies like fish cakes and flying fish cutters. To aid you in this area, there are a number of convenience stores and supermarkets from which most items can be obtained giving you as many or as few options as you require to keep it real in Barbados.


In terms of attractions, the capital of Bridgetown has several places of interest. All parishes (with the exception of St. Thomas and St. George which are inland) have lovely beaches for either sun or sea-bathing. There is enough to do to keep it simple. The bus transportation system is quite structured and reliable, so there is even the choice of forgetting the car rental.


Taking a "no-frills" vacation might mean different things to different people. For some, there may be budgetary constraints, however for others; there may just be the need to leave the trappings behind and just come to Barbados on a no frills vacation.


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