Children Playing in a Pool, Barbados Pocket Guide

Family Vacations

The island of Barbados is special. It aptly caters to most groups of visitors and its range of activities and events cater to all age groups, which makes it ideally suited to persons planning family vacations.


On the island, many of the hotels are child-friendly. In fact quite a number of the larger establishments have introduced; either a kids' room, a special coordinator or kids' clubs. This allows the younger children especially, to be suitably entertained, while the parents get some time for themselves. It also affords them the opportunity to participate in some age-appropriate activities while on vacation in Barbados and hopefully meet new friends in the process.


A trip on the Atlantis Submarine (an underwater adventure) is a must, Barbados Wildlife Reserve is also an option, where the children would become exposed to some of the creatures indigenous to the island and have a bit of adventure while in Barbados.


There are fewer treats which visitors to Barbados enjoy than time in the water and on the lovely beaches. Swimming, water-skiing, boogie-boarding are simple activities which allow the family to bond and get some exercise at the same time.


When it comes to food, the tastes of all can be entertained in Barbados. There are the recognized fast-food places such as KFC, Burger King and Subway, however there is also the indigenous Chefette Restaurant (also fast-food), which is extremely popular with persons of all persuasions. And their ice-cream is good!


Bring the family to Barbados!




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