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Booking online with the Barbados Pocket Guide could not be any easier. Our easy to use book now facility opens you up to just about all that Barbados has to offer by way of adventure, attractions, intrigue, history, culture, flora and fauna and accommodation.


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Book a Beauty of Barbados Tour and see the island like never before. The reason why we call this 'Gem of the Caribbean Sea'. The true beauty of our island is exposed by way of exploration. Being able to soak in all that is on offer. The endless stretches of pristine beaches that surround us and beneath its surface, the absolute wonder of marine life.


Your Book Now faclity can take you to any of the many attractions that engulf Barbados. Breathtaking attractions on the east coast of the island such as Cherry Tree Hill await you. This hill is up some eight hundred and fifty (850) ft above sea level and is actually an intrinsic part of the formidable St. Nicholas Abbey of the same parish. Actually due to the size of the St. Nicholas Abbey property, Cherry Tree Hill actually borders, St. Peter and St. Andrew. Many, many years ago, the drive on either side to get to it was flanked by cherry trees, thus the reason for its name; however these were replaced with mahogany trees which line the road up to this day. The change was instigated by The Treaty of Paris in 1763.


Cherry Tree Hill is a look-out point and a regular stop for tour buses, individuals (local or visiting tourist) who are sight-seeing through that part of the island. From this vantage point, a clear line of sight is held to Scotland District. To better understand and appreciate the calming effect which this view has on most people who see it, a drive to the summit of Cherry Tree Hill, St. Peter, Barbados, is a must.


A visit to Harrisons Cave will intrigue you as this cave is such a natural gem; a limestone cavern in the depths of the earth in the parish of St. Thomas. One of the most sought after sight-seeing spots on the island, it is an underground adventure. The intrigue associated with Harrison's Cave is the formation of the stalactites and stalagmites throughout the cave and the natural pools and waterfalls, altogether which combine to make this a special journey below the land surface in Barbados. Stops along the tram ride allow visitors to the cave to stretch their legs and get up close and personal with the formations, take photos and delight in the wonder of nature.


Through our Book A Flight, we are able to offer a wide range of travel services when you call any of our agents. All calls are handled by professionally trained staff, who will attend to your needs and make suggestions to help you.


The island of Barbados does not lack accommodation. It's simply a matter of what you are looking for at the time. Through our Book Hotels section of the website you can become open to a listing of hotels which offer three (3) to five (5) star ratings with an irrefutable caliber of luxury and service that is on a par with that in any part of the world.


Fortunately, you would find hotels throughout Barbados are strategically placed as they offer easy access to grocery shopping, night life, duty-free shopping and restaurants to name a few.


Hotels in Barbados have facilities such as 24 hour reception, parking facilities, high-speed internet, bars, swim-up bars, nearby golf courses, fitness centres, tennis courts, squash courts, spa treatments, restaurants, baby-sitting services, outdoor pools, room service, rooms for those persons with limited mobility, smoke-free rooms, watersports activities and private balconies.


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