Cherry Tree Hill

There is a location in St. Peter, Barbados for which it is extremely difficult to describe its beauty, without inviting the listener to go see it for themselves. It might even be true to say that words cannot adequately describe the view from this remote position way up on a hill. This place, which is reknowned for its phenomenal view is known as Cherry Tree Hill.




Cherry Tree Hill is up some eight hundred and fifty (850) ft above sea level and is actually an intrinsic part of the formidable St. Nicholas Abbey of the same parish. Actually due to the size of the St. Nicholas Abbey property, Cherry Tree Hill actually borders, St.Peter and St. Andrew. Many, many years ago, the drive on either side to get to it was flanked by cherry trees, thus the reason for its name; however these were replaced with mahogany trees which line the road up to this day. The change was instigated by The Treaty of Paris in 1763.


This Hill is a look-out point and a regular stop for tour buses, individuals (local or visiting tourist) who are sight-seeing through that part of the island. From this vantage point, a clear line of sight is held to Scotland District. To better understand and appreciate the calming effect which this view has on most people who see it, a drive to the summit of Cherry Tree Hill, St. Peter, Barbados, is a must.




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