Fish Vendor Scaling Fish at Six Men's Fish Market, St. Peter, Barbados

Six Men's Fish Market

The art of fishing still plays an important part in the lives of Barbadians and in every parish, there is a fishing village which adds life, character and economic input to the persons who live in the village and those who pass by to patronize.




One such village is Six Men's in St Peter, which is just north of the second largest town in Barbados, Speightstown. If driving along the main coast road, having left Speighstown and before reaching the intimate Fish Pot Restaurant, a group of fishing boats and fishermen may be observed by the water's edge. That is Six Men's Bay.


Like the other fishing village of Oistins and the market in Bridgetown, fish is sold here after the fishermen bring in the day's catch. Though the setting is far from as elaborate as the aforementioned sister villages, this St. Peter location certainly has its following of customers from the surrounding areas as well as the St. James crowd. Fish sales of kingfish, dolphin and flying fish are brisk as well as any other popular item which the fishermen might bring in on the boats.


On weekends, Friday and Saturday nights specifically, the little village, with its own clientele and versions of entertainment, comes alive. The coal pots are fired up and a variety of fish is put on to fry. Drinks are flowing and plates are prepared with the side dishes of breadfruit, macaroni salad or tossed salad, just to name a few. A good place to stop to experience local hospitality and well-seasoned Bajan cooking: all enjoyed in the open and under the stars.


In terms of atmosphere, some persons simply find it relaxing to see the fishing boats bobbing up and down in the water or docked on the beach front in between trips. As scuba diving continues to gain greater popularity among persons of all ages and sexes, both locals and visitors, the waters at Six Men's hold additional appeal for diving enthusiasts as the opportunity exists to explore a shipwreck just off the shore. Following on from the diving, the water is sufficiently calm for sea bathing and so this can be a great tour stop before venturing further into the north of the island of Barbados for more sight-seeing and tour adventures.


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