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Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Barbados Wild Life Reserve Sign at Entrance, St. Peter, Barbados

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Located directly opposite the Farley Hill National Park in the parish of St. Peter, Barbados is the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, the only site on the island which can be so described.




Turtle at the Barbados Wild Life Reserve, St. Peter, BarbadosA visit to this reserve transports any visitor to a different feeling and experience. It involves taking time and is not a stop to be made if in a hurry, at least not if its offer is to be fully appreciated. It is about creating an experience by walking slowing along the winding paths and inclines so that very little is missed, whether unusual foliage or a fast-moving creature. By observing creatures in a natural, unspoilt habitat, be they flamingoes, pelicans or the Green Monkey.


The Wildlife Reserve is the closest thing to a zoo in Barbados and so both children and adults can be on the look-out for animals such as deer and agouti which roam freely throughout the park. Founded some twenty-six years ago in 1985, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve covers some four acres of birds, animals and reptiles, trees, foliage and fern and some parts of the reserve are almost covered by a canopy of trees which makes the walk-through somewhat cool and not off-putting in the least. While the vast majority of Peacock at Barbados Wildlife Reserveinhabitants roam freely, guests can be assured that the snakes are kept in a controlled and confined area. It is recognized that this will always be a concern for some and the safety of its guests is of utmost importance to the management and staff of the Barbados Wildlife Reserve.


The Barbados Wildlife Reserve is open daily from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Contact them at (246) 422-8826.



Caution Sign at Barbados Wild Life Reserve


Quarantine Area at Barbados Wildlife Reserve


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