River Bay, St. Lucy, Barbados Pocket Guide

St. Lucy

The parish of St. Lucy is the most northern parish on the island of Barbados. Up on the north-eastern coast of this parish, exists a simple, yet charming part of the island, known as River Bay. It is an expansive cove-like area with river pools dotted over what can only be described as a very rocky part of the island. Stunning and scenic, to say the least, it may be considered by some to be a bit off the beaten track, however if one is a lover of wide open spaces and clean, fresh air, then it is well worth the journey. River Bay is a very popular stop with locals on weekends and public holidays. One may see as many as ten (10) Transport Board buses, plus mini-buses and private vehicles parked at this destination on some weekends and most public holidays. It is frequented during the week as well; however the numbers are likely to be much smaller unless it is during a vacation period when schools are out, such as Christmas, Easter or the long summer holiday.




Centuries ago, back in 1780, two (2) foreign explorers came upon something special, the likes of which have never been found on any other part of Barbados. The Animal Flower Cave is located at North Point, in the parish of St. Lucy and is located underground below the cliff face and is the only accessible sea cove on the island of Barbados. The coral floor of the Cave is estimated to be some five hundred thousand (500,000) years old and some level of credence can be given to this information as the dating of these elements was undertaken by a German Geographical Institute. In addition, this cave, which was previously below sea level, now stands at some six (6) ft above the high tide mark and therefore it is apparent that some geographical shifts and changes are taking place over time. Factually, the island of Barbados has been rising an inch every 1000 years.


As you approach the end of the ABC Highway on the island of Barbados, this church will quickly come into view. It is positioned on the northern side of the Sir Theodore Brancker (Barbadian Politian) Roundabout in Fairfield, in the parish of St. Lucy. St. Lucy Parish Church was one of the original six (6) parish churches constructed on the island when it was first developed under the administration of the governor at the time, Sir William Tufton. Incidentally, the parish of St. Lucy in Barbados is the only parish that is named after a female patron saint; the parish also claims the honour of being the birthplace of Barbados' first Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Errol Walton Barrow.


A look through our list of attractions throughout the parish of St. Lucy will give you a better idea of what this parish has to offer.


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