River Bay

Up on the north-eastern coast of the island of Barbados exists a simple, yet charming part of the island, known as River Bay, which is in the parish of St Lucy. It is an expansive cove-like area with river pools dotted over what can only be described as a very rocky part of the island. Stunning and scenic, to say the least, it may be considered by some to be a bit off the beaten track, however if one is a lover of wide open spaces and clean, fresh air, then it is well worth the journey.




River Bay is a very popular stop with locals on weekends and public holidays. One may see as many as ten (10) Transport Board buses, plus mini-buses and private vehicles parked at this destination on some weekends and most public holidays. It is frequented during the week as well; however the numbers are likely to be much smaller unless it is during a vacation period when schools are out, such as Christmas, Easter or the long summer holiday.


Swimming out to sea is discouraged due the extremely high tides and undercurrents; however there are a few small and safe pools around which persons can try out. While swimming is not an option, some persons brave the strong winds and climb up on the River Bay cliff. From this view point, one can see and experience the magnificence and power of the Atlantic Ocean from a reasonably safe distance. Try not to go too close to the cliff edge though, as the winds are usually rather forceful.


In recent years, the site has been enhanced with the Barbados Government constructing public amenities in order to make the pit stop much more comfortable for all persons making the trek to this location.


A trip to River Bay provides an unexpected opportunity to commune with nature under the bright, blue skies which seem just that more brilliant in St. Lucy, Barbados.




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