Ruins that Remain of the Farley Hill Mansion, Farley Hill National Park, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide

Farley Hill National Park

After paying the entrance fee to enter the Farley Hill National Park in St Peter, Barbados one might at first glance wonder what all the fuss is about. Truth be told, this Park was once the site of an elegant stone mansion built by Sir Graham Briggs. In fact, the history books indicate that the property was so extensive and the desire for precision in design was so exacting that the building for which construction started in 1818, was not fully completed until some fifty (50) years later. WOW!




Many years later in 1965, this magnificent building was unfortunately destroyed by fire and was subsequently transformed into a national park. It may safely be assumed that the cost to re-construct may have been considered far too extravagant or prohibitive for the owners at that time. The gutted remains of the main house remain however and lend distinct character to the surroundings of this vast park. Persons can feel free to wander around the ruins, but walking through or playing in it is not encouraged.


Farley Hill National Park can now be described as a sprawling site of lawn and concrete areas and is an extremely popular site in Barbados for family and group picnics, church excursions (drive around picnic), artists and more. Its quiet and peaceful setting comes alive at different times of the year for different music festivals such as Jazz On The Hill, Reggae On The Hill and the list goes on. Patrons are enamoured by the ambiance of the place and find that this lends naturally to the hosting of various cultural events and activities. Some persons have even used it as a venue for weddings and music video scenes. It can thus be described as a multi-faceted venue.


There is a massive parking area and some vehicles also park along the hills and inclines. Due to its elevation, Farley Hill National Park also provides a phenomenal view of the east coast of Barbados and benches are suitably positioned to allow one to just sit and enjoy hours and hours of tranquil relaxation, taking in this same view. A gazebo is another attraction which sits at the top of the hill.


Farley Hill National Park is open during the day time, but is not accessible to the public at night unless for a special authorized function.


Remains of the Once Magnificent Farley Hill Mansion, Farley Hill, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide


Remains of the Once Magnificent Farley Hill Mansion, Farley Hill, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide


Gazebo at Farley Hill Mansion, Farley Hill, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide


Trees Providing Lots of Shade at Farley Hill National Park, Farley Hill, St. Peter, Barbados Pocket Guide




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