Steel Pan Music Being Played at Holetown Festival, St. James, Barbados Pocket Guide


Music in Barbados is a major contributor to the cultural existence of the island. The people on the island are filled with passion that drives them to express it no other way but through music. A variety of genres are found in Barbados and one can go out any day or night and become exposed to calypso, spouge, tuk, jazz or oldie goldies.

Barbados' early history speaks heavily of the cultural connection between African slaves and today's music. Slaves made themselves happy and hopeful through the very music they created. Music that lifted their sometimes daunting spirits and gave them new leases on the days ahead.

Not much has changed with regards to the positive effects of music to the soul  back then til now as the results are evident. After all, music is healing and used for; effective therapy of pain, fighting insomnia, aiding in relaxation, combatting depression, improving productivity and reducing instances of high blood pressure.

So when you visit Barbados, do make it a priority to attend one of the many festivals the island has to offer.


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