Live Bands

The island of Barbados is merely 166 square miles, 21 miles long and 14 miles wide. Some may look at this size and smile to themselves as they may be thinking the island can easily bounce around a number of times within their own country. However, despite the size of this breathtakingly beautiful island that is renowned for its sun, sea and sand, there certainly is a lot that goes on.


Barbados' entertainment sector has been growing over the past years and the island has seen many live performances from some of the most talented musicians the island has to offer. The talent of bands on the island is so diversified that they are able to easily cover various genres of music inclusive of gospel, jazz, rhythm and blues, calypso, reggae, spouge, heavy metal, alternative and rock to name a few. Performances by these bands can be seen at various nightclubs, bars, restaurants, street fairs and outdoor events throughout the island.


The popularity of live bands in Barbados has grown so much that there are folks who would be more than willing to give up a seat so they can get closer to their favourite band. Some of the popular live bands on the island of Barbados include Kite, Krosfyah, Strategy and The Royal Barbados Police Band.


You can always make a call to your favourite nightclub and get further information on the performance schedules of any of the many bands on the island.




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