Sand Dunes Bar & Restaurant, East Coast Road, St. Andrew, Barbados Pocket Guide


Barbados is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, great hospitality as well as its various tourist attractions. However, Barbados is also known for its various bars, such as sports bars, beach bars and even karaoke bars. You can find most of the popular bars on the south coast of Barbados.

Our bars function during the day as breakfast and lunch venues but truly come alive from late evening into early morning where drinks and cocktails are the order of the evening.

If you are looking for a night out with the guys or gals with your favourite sport being shown on big screens with surround sound, you can try sports bars such as Bubba's Sports Bar & Restaurant and Lucky Horseshoe Saloon and Steakhouse.

Even if you want to have a drink and enjoy the scenery of Barbados' beautiful waters, you can venture to one of our many beach bars like Weisers on the Bay or Carib Beach Bar.

From Sylvia's Hideaway Bar in St. Lucy to Bubbas Sports Bar in Christ Church you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. Not only do the bars in Barbados come with cocktails and alcoholic drinks, some even come with entertainment, be it karaoke, comedians, Dj's or live bands.

In Barbados you'll find happy hour is quite popular at all bars as it usually brings out the crowd to these establishments. Each bar in Barbados has to follow the rules and regulations of our island with reference to the age limits permitted into these nightly entertainment bars. Barbados' age limit for bars and the consumption of alcohol is 18 years and older and for the more adult bars you have to be age 21 and over. Also be reminded that all bars do not allow smoking while some have designated smoking and non-smoking areas, just look out for the signs displaying this information.


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